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Protecting Your Cyber Security

Protecting Your Cyber Security

Cyber security attacks are more prevalent now than ever. With hackers finding new ways to infiltrate our private information, its important to frequently monitor your bank accounts, emails, or other personal accounts. Work on establishing habits of checking in on your financial accounts or social media accounts for strange activity. Regularly checking on your accounts will make it easier to identify fraudulent transactions or posts.

If you have reason to believe your financial cyber security has been compromised, make all efforts to contact the FBI with your issues as soon as possible. The FBI reports that the highest chance of success on pursuing cyber security attacks comes when a report has been made within 48 hours of the believed attack.

Our local FBI office can be found at 600 State Street New Haven, CT 06511 and their phone number is (203) 777-6311.

Establishing good habits of self-checking and knowing your available resources are the first steps in preventing a cyber security breach or pursuing your hard earned money back.

Stay up-to-date on the latest schemes and tricks hackers are using these days here.

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