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Divorcing a Missing Spouse

Divorcing a Missing Spouse

Not all marriages are created equal. In some instances, one spouse will up and leave the other without a trace. The remaining spouse is left with limited options, especially if they had taken time for emotional healing.

Down the road, the remaining spouse may be inclined to file for divorce, but not know where to begin because of they have no information of where their spouse may be, or how to contact them.

Typically, to initiate a divorce, a State Marshall is required to serve your papers on the opposing party. This may be seen as a hurdle to those who cannot locate their abandoning spouse.

Fortunately, Connecticut has a process for trying to reach parties who leave no mailing or residential address, or even a phone number. Rather than having a State Marshall personally serve your divorce papers on your spouse, notice of your pending divorce is publicized on the Connecticut Judicial Website for the public to see. None of your personal or identifying information is displayed, only the pendency of divorce.

Once the notice is published for the required time, you may be able to proceed with your divorce case, regardless of whether your spouse has responded to the published notice.

Always investigate all your options when contemplating divorce.

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